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Information Swingers Club Fun4Two.

voor-de-eerste-keer-naar-een-parenclubHow do you join the most Exclusive Swingers club of the Netherlands?
Thank you for your interest in visiting Fun4two, Europe´ No.1 Swingers / Lifestyle club of Europe. Fun4two is visited by guests from all over the world.
With all its facilities, the Fun4two is one of the coolest Swingers / Lifestyle clubs in Europe. According to many in the world. Fun4two has been voted one of the best clubs in Europe on several occasions.

So don't be surprised that it is often busy and during rush hour (approximately between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m.) there are large queues to enter Fun4two.
Or that a guarantee can be received? Certainly not! The door policy is fairly strict, so there is a chance that access will be refused. As a rule, large groups often do not enter. Make sure you are sober and tidy. Sportswear, and you can forget about it. Do you want to be sure that you are coming in? Then check out the Exclusive parties in Fun4two, you can just buy a ticket for that and the atmosphere and entourage are really beyond surpass. Be on time because these parties are incredibly popular and all sold out prematurely.

Instructions for your first visit to Fun4two
• Before visiting the club, we ask that you register in advance and reserve at the same time. This only takes 4 minutes.
• This prevents long waiting times of at least 45-60 minutes at the entrance.
• Registration alone is not possible! Registration is accompanied by a visit for a specific evening.

Step 1
First click the desired visit date. Then continue, and enter all requested information.
After completion you will immediately see a barcode with reservation number on screen. Please print this immediately or make a screenshot / photo of it, we need this number when you come to the club.(If you click this away, the barcode with reservation number can no longer be retrieved, this in connection with privacy legislation) You will receive NO further confirmation of this.

I.v.m. with the often long lines at the entrance we ask you the following:
• Keep your registration number and ID. at hand.
• Registration number can be displayed on paper as well as on your telephone.
• If you have not taken your registration number, keep in mind that you will have to wait even longer at the entrance.
• Of course, registering at the club is also possible, here too you have to take into account extra long waiting times.

And then the party will finally start.

Once through the Fun4Two gate, you drive to the parking lot where you can park your car. Walking through the beautiful garden you arrive at the entrance, where we ask you to have your confirmation with the reservation number ready. You can pay in cash, with debit card or credit card. You will receive a key to your personal locker. You can store all your personal belongings here. You can give the key to the ladies behind the bar after changing. You can first enter the club in your "normal" clothes.

You can then relax with a drink at the bar or on one of the cozy lounge sofas. Delicious food in our great restaurant is of course also part of the club facilities, enjoy dancing and dancing to the wonderful music, or just explore the club as a couple, the choice is entirely yours. You will notice that you immediately feel at home with us, there is a good atmosphere and everyone is open to a nice chat. Don't be afraid to talk, you can learn a lot from this and ultimately everyone will come for a pleasant evening.

After our well-known 'dress code' song  (10:30 PM), it is very much appreciated when ladies are dressed in beautiful, sexy lingerie. A sexy dress is beautiful, but no lingerie, unfortunately this is not allowed. The ladies usually wear heels. Neat sneakers or slippers are also allowed. Men can wear nice boxer shorts with or without a T-shirt (without print) and we recommend wearing slippers or shoes. Wearing a shirt is not allowed. Everyone must be changed no later than 11:30 PM.

Nothing is mandatory in our swingers club and if you contact other guests you will experience that they are happy to help you on your way.  After this, the evening can go in any direction, will you stay downstairs on the dance floor, take a look or participate in our erotic areas, or enjoy relaxing in our beautiful wellness? As mentioned, the choice is entirely yours. You will soon notice that everyone is very respectful. No is no.

Not ready for “viewers” ​​yet? That's okay, we have a number of rooms that you can close off from others, lock the door and close the curtains, so you can be together and it's still exciting! Soon you will feel very comfortable. Is there something you are concerned about or would like to know? The entire crew is ready for you, so don't hesitate to ask anything. Finally, we want to do everything we can to make your evening as successful as possible. We are present throughout the club to keep an eye on things. We will also do everything we can to keep the club as clean and tidy as possible.

Already convinced?

Read a little further on our website eg what to expect on different nights. As you may already know, we have an all-in concept. All drinks at the bar and in the restaurant, food, parking, wardrobe, towels, condoms, massage oil ... all included in the price. How great is that ?! Take your time, if you think there are ready, you are welcome!

Do not forget to register in first / reservation.

We look forward to welcoming you and can give you a fantastic evening. 
Bobby, Linda and the crew Fun4Two.

Welcome to the club!

Fun4Two lidmaatschapspasjes

Below are the benefits when you are a member of Fun4Two:

1) € 20, - discount on the admission price. 
2) Birthday on the same day, free admission for the birthday on presentation of valid identification. (Not applicable to Exclusive theme parties and Pool parties)
3) Priority Fun4two's Exclusive Parties. 
4) Discount for example shop. (Coming soon) 
5) Points savings system for reduced admission. (Coming soon)

Fun4Two lidmaatschapspasjes

Entrance Conditions

Fun4Two is a private club.
During your visit you are subject to the Fun4Two entrance conditions.

If you are 18 years or older, you are very welcome.
Identification is required upon registration (driving license or passport).

When completing a membership application, information must be entered truthfully. If you provide incomplete or false information or if you suspect false data, Fun4Two has the right to refuse registration or to withdraw membership.

Unfortunately, access is not possible without registration.

Single Men

Fun4Two lidmaatschapspasjes Every day we receive telephone calls, emails and other messages about whether/when men are only allowed to visit Fun4Two.

Access for men only is only possible at our HARDCORE NIGHT events.
These take place 4 or 5 times a year.
A maximum of 75 men can purchase a ticket for this event.
All information can also be found on this website.

March 29, 2024 | 9:00 PM - 3:00 AM |
May 31, 2024 | 9:00 PM - 3:00 AM |
August 30, 2024 | 9:00 PM - 3:00 AM |
November 29, 2024 | 9:00 PM - 3:00 AM |

Every 3rd Friday of the month the theme is Fun's All-Inn Night: This is also one of the evenings where, exceptionally, couples are allowed to bring an extra friend!!


Fun4Two house rules:

  • Access exclusively for members and prospective members Fun4Two.

  • Prospective membership card valid for a period of six months.

  • Identification is required upon registration. (Valid driver's license or passport)

  • We only allow couples and single ladies. *** Solo/single men are exceptionally  only  allowed on our Exclusive Theme Evening Hardcore Night vs Gigolina's.
  • Use of mobile phones and other electronics is only allowed at the lockers and entrance.

  • Appropriate clubbing, stylish, and well-groomed appearance is required to be admitted.

  • Hats, caps and other headgear are not allowed in the club. (Except for theme parties) It is also not allowed to wear fanny packs.

  • After our "dress code song" lingerie mandatory.

  • Until lingerie does not belong: Party Clothing; (Long) leather pants / long leather skirt, sexy dresses, skirts etc. What is allowed: boxer, T-shirt (men), babydoll, body stocking, lace, suspenders.

  • Trade or use of drugs is not allowed in this club. We are absolutely sure here.

  • Someone's "No" is respected as such in the erotic rooms.

  • No "single men" in the erotic rooms (This is only permitted if this gentleman is invited).

  • No glasses bring the erotic rooms and wellness.

  • People with too much alcohol to get alcohol any more at the bar / With drunkenness may be denied access.

  • Smoking is only allowed in the designated smoking areas.

  • All instructions from the staff must be followed worden.Parkeren and wardrobe done at your own risk.

  • Judgment of the management is binding with respect to admission for membership, and can only take place if it complies with the above house rules.

  • The management reserves the right to revoke the right to the membership if it does not comply with the above house rules.

  • Club Pass is strictly personal and remains the property of Fun4Two.


A night out to Fun4Two remains a unique experience in an exceptional setting.  And that particular we would like to stress by adopting a dress code. There are plenty of ways to dress stylish and sleek.

What we especially ask you to do your best to make it a special and erotic evening. 

And it all starts at home in the wardrobe.  As we try to keep the level of our club at the highest possible level, we expect the same from our customers.  To make your evening Fun4Two an erotic experience, we invite you to contribute on entering appropriate clothing (neat or sexy).  These include a neat trousers or jeans with a nice shirt but also a costume and for the ladies a challenging outfit.

Below is a guideline for garments that do not fit with what. Fun4two understands stylish and groomed and which undermine the unique experience in the exceptional ambience of Fun4two. 
If you wear clothes below, there is a possibility that you are requested to directly to dress in the dress code. 

Baggy jeans, jeans with holes, very dirty jeans, broken worn clothing, sportswear, beachwear, clothing, footwear and headgear worn.

Shorts for men are only allowed in our pool parties!



After our well-known 'dress code' song (10:30 PM), it is highly appreciated when people are dressed in beautiful, sexy lingerie.

A sexy dress is beautiful, but no lingerie, unfortunately this is not allowed.

Also, party clothing such as patent leather - etc. is also NOT what we have in mind.
(except our kinky parties)

Below you will find examples of what is allowed upon entry but is not allowed as a dress code.



Men can wear nice boxer shorts - underpants with a plain T-shirt and we recommend wearing slippers or shoes.

Wearing a shirt is not allowed.

The other guests will appreciate it if you do your best to look as good as possible.

This in all its facets, because in addition to clothing, a well-groomed appearance can also contribute to easy contact with other guests!

vragen en antwoorden van Fun4Two

Frequently Asked Questions!

01. Do we have to become a member or register? What are the costs?
Yes. Fun4two is a private club, we are the first and only swingers club in the Netherlands with a personal pass system. The prospective membership fee is included in the entrance fee on your first visit. Your data will only remain within our administration. The costs are a one-off € 20. This is for registration and your membership card.

02. Do we have to make a reservation or can we just drop by?
Fun4two is the most visited swingers club in the Netherlands. For now, reservations are only necessary for Saturday evening. When the number of lockers is fully booked, no more guests can be admitted. Members always have priority over guests who are not yet members of Fun4two. We advise guests who are not yet members of Fun4two to book and register online. This prevents a long wait in line of at least 45 minutes.

03. We want to book for 3 people?
The reservation only offers the possibility to book for 2 people. If you want to bring an extra friend, (Always possible) she can enter on your membership pass or registration.
If you want to bring an extra friend (Only possible on our special themes) then he can enter with your membership card or registration.
He must, however, identify himself.

04. Does everyone automatically become a member?
No. On your first visit you will receive a temporary pass. If you come back within 6 months, this pass will be exchanged for a permanent pass. Mind you, we set high standards for our members. It is possible that the management decides not to make you a permanent member, you will then keep your temporary pass. We reserve the right to withdraw your membership in the event of inappropriate behaviour.

05. Is it possible to visit the Fun only once?
Yes, during your first visit you will receive a temporary membership card that is valid for six months. If you visit the club again within this period, it will be exchanged for a definitive membership card and you will be a member of the nicest swingers club in the Netherlands. If you do not visit the club within this period, the registered data will be automatically deleted from our system and we assume that you do not want to become a member of Fun4Two. If you still want to visit the club after this period, you will need to register again.

06. What is the minimum age?
You must be at least 18 years old at the time of registration.

07. What is the best evening for us?
A frequently asked question and difficult to answer. This depends on what you are looking for and your age. Are you looking for the most erotic evening on which you can experience the most "action", then we can recommend Friday evening. Friday evenings each have a theme. The age varies between 25 - 65. Saturday is always the busiest and certainly suitable for couples who like dancing and fun. The age varies between 20 - 50. Sunday is ideally suited for a wonderful night out with an active attitude who, in addition to relaxation and eroticism, also "just" want to experience a wonderful end to the weekend. On this evening the audience is mixed between 35 - 65. All the facilities of Fun4Two are at your disposal all weekend. Our team is available every day to show you around the swingers club. Also take a look at our program for the many theme nights & exclusive theme parties that we regularly organize.

08. What are the entrance requirements in terms of appearance and clothing?
It is appreciated by the other guests if you do your best to make them look their best. This in all its facets, because in addition to clothing, a well-groomed appearance can also contribute to making contact with the other guests! Appropriate clothing (neat or sexy) upon entry. This includes neat trousers or jeans with a nice shirt, but also a suit and a provocative sexy outfit for the ladies.

09. What do you mean by the dress code and are we obliged to change into lingerie?
Yes.In the early evening, all our guests are normally neatly dressed. After our well-known 'dress-code' song ( 10:30 pm ) it is very much appreciated when people are dressed in beautiful sexy lingerie. Everyone must be dressed in lingerie by 11:30 PM at the latest. A sexy dress is nice but no lingerie, unfortunately this is not allowed. Party clothing such as lacquer - leather - etc. is also NOT what we have in mind. In general, the ladies wear a sexy shoe with their lingerie. The gentlemen are satisfied with nice boxer shorts and we advise to wear slippers or shoes. Wearing a shirt is not allowed. It is allowed to enter the club naked, except the restaurant.

10. We are not a fashion model and/or unsure about our appearance. Are we out of tune in the club?
People just like you and us are in the majority. Some of them are more or less endowed than others, but always with one thing in common: they respect each other and know that beauty is not just an external matter. A fresh shower is self-evident. If you pay attention to your appearance and look fresh, clean and well-groomed, you will certainly not look out of place. Our guests come for each other, so make sure you get the best out of it. Everyone tries to do their best to look as good and well-groomed as possible. That is also something we expect from our guests.

11. Can it harm our relationship if we go to a swingers club?
No, on the contrary. It can even benefit your relationship because the great things you experience together in our club bring you closer together. The new experiences in the field of eroticism will ensure that you get a stronger bond with your partner. Swinging is a new step in your relationship. Remember that swinging is not a "remedy" if your relationship is not comfortable. It must be a supplement. If one or both of you are jealous, think carefully. It is important to make good agreements. If you have a good relationship, Swinging can ensure that your bond becomes even closer.

12. Is Swinging or Having Sex Mandatory?
Absolutely not. It is entirely up to you, if you click with another couple you can continue but always decide how far you want to go. Feel free to experience something exciting together without involving other people. In addition, another couple is not obliged to join you. But the majority of our guests are looking for "connection" with other couples. Teasing & Pleasing or pushing the boundaries with your own partner is for a large part the ultimate! Just watch, of course! Many people are exhibitionists. You are doing them a great favor by watching them! This is not allowed for men only!

13. Is only viewing allowed in the erotic areas?
Naturally! Many people think it's a kick and you're doing them a great favor to watch them! When the moment is there and it will probably come someday, you will be watched yourself! This is only allowed for couples! Men alone are not allowed to enter the erotic areas. When this is found, you will be addressed. Repeatedly you will be asked to leave the club.

14. Please respect the opinions and feelings of all other guests.
''EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE and EVERYTHING IS ALLOWED'' as long as one does not bother others, respects others and takes into account the standards and limits of others. No is no. So... have respect for everyone, regardless of his or her orientation, origin or fantasies. In the unlikely event that you have a bad experience, do not hesitate, we would like to hear about it as soon as possible. And not only afterwards via email, etc. Then we can no longer intervene immediately, and reporting is therefore no longer useful!

15. Are there lockers where we can store our clothes and belongings?
Yes, there are 250 lockers available. Everyone receives a key to the locker upon arrival. You are responsible for that yourself. When you have changed into lingerie, hand over the key in the club to the ladies behind the bar. It is the safest there. Losing the key means that we have to replace the lock. The costs of this are € 20 and will be passed on to the customer. Are you going home? Then hand over the locker key to the porter.

16. Can I bring my mobile phone inside?
The use of a mobile phone or other equipment containing a camera is only allowed in the lockers. In the other places within the club, it is not allowed to bring a mobile phone or other electronic equipment. Detecting a phone or camera in the club may result in removal from the club.
To ensure the privacy of all our guests, taking photos and filming is not allowed.

17. What is the best time to come and can we get a tour?
You can decide for yourself at what time you wish to visit the club. There is no time attached to this, although most guests arrive between 21:00 - 22:30. You will then experience the beginning of a constructive exciting evening. A guided tour is of course possible. We like to take the time for guests who visit Fun4Two for the first time. On Friday and Sunday we are happy to give you a tour if desired. Unfortunately, due to the huge crowds, this is not possible on Saturday. Of course you have all the time and space to discover the club yourself. The most important thing is just enjoying the beautiful ambiance and facilities of Fun4Two and the rest will just happen naturally

18. How busy is it?
This entirely depends on the evening. In any case, the busiest swingers club in the Netherlands. In general, Saturday is the busiest. On average there are about 300 - 350 guests on a Saturday evening. Friday is very variable because of the various theme evenings, think of 160 - 240 guests. Sunday is a more relaxed day where people come for a cozy atmosphere, relax, snack, live music, etc. On average on a Sunday there are between 140 -200 guests. Our Exclusive theme parties are always sold out. Depending on the theme 400 - 500 guests.

19. What is the average age of the guests?
That can be very different. On Saturdays there is usually a younger crowd (between 20 and 50 years old). The choice of music is also adjusted accordingly. On Sundays the majority of the guests consists of a more mature audience (between 35 and 65 years old) as more popular shows are played with live performances. On Fridays we get a visit from a very varied audience of all ages.

20. What kind of music is played?
That also depends on the evening. Our DJ plays a lot of dance music on Saturdays. On Sundays he also plays nice swinging music with some classics in a new jacket. We also have a Topper from a house singer who will entertain you live with the most famous hits and oldies! Take a look at the program when she is present. On Fridays a mix of tasty dance and well-known hits, something for everyone.

21. Do we have to bring our own towels or something?
No, because these are sufficiently available in our wellness and shower room. There is of course also soap, hair spray, deodorant and a hair dryer.

22. Is everything inclusive?
All drinks at the bar, the delicious food and the wines in the restaurant are all included in the entrance price. You know in advance what you have "lost" that evening. This is really carefree going out! There is possibly the possibility to buy various types of Champagne of various price ranges. Ask our staff for a Champagne card.

23. Hygiene and safety are very important to us. What about Fun4two?
Fun4Two is known for their high level of hygiene and as a renowned swingers club we also apply extra strict rules to enforce the regulations in that area. First of all, we expect our guests to treat the spaces they use well. This means that the rooms are left behind after use as they would like to find them themselves. Used towels can be placed in the designated baskets (found everywhere next to the relaxation areas) and each room has waste bins to put condoms and other waste in. We always provide a large supply of clean towels (think of the environment, do not use more than necessary), tissues and of course free condoms within reach that can be used without restriction.

24. Are men allowed to enter alone?
This is very exceptionally only allowed on our Exclusive Theme Night Hardcore Night vs Gigolina's. This party is organized 4 times a year by Fun4Two.
Another exception to this is our Gigolo Night, where a number of our Gigolo's are present. And on our All-in Night, couples are allowed to bring an extra man (or woman). However, single women are always very welcome on all our evenings.
No. On our regular evenings when we are open, single men are not allowed in our club. 

25. What if we run into acquaintances?
No problem!, but if it happens then this applies to both parties. Simply greeting each other is the best solution. You probably come for the same thing after all. Often this meeting will result in a better relationship with the acquaintance, because of the "little secret" you share. What happens in the Fun, stays in the Fun.

26. What about smoking and drug use?
Smoking is allowed in the designated areas. The electronic cigarette can be used normally. We have a strict anti-drug policy and will monitor this strictly!

27. Are there also lockable erotic areas where we can seclude ourselves?
Yes. In addition to a number of open erotic spaces, we have several lockable rooms where you can isolate yourself or possibly with another couple.

28. Is it true that Fun 4Two has been voted Europe's Best Swingers Club?
That is indeed true, up to 2 times in fact. Commissioned by the German TV channel RTL 2, a comparative study was conducted in 1999 among 165 couples' clubs throughout Europe for the program "Wa(h)re Liebe". Without a doubt, Fun4Two scored by far the best on all points. In 2015 we again won this prize during the Spice European Lifestyle Award. De Fun has once again been voted the best lifestyle club in Europe.

29. What are the chances that we will have a "crazy" evening?
Probably close to 100 percent, so what's holding you back?

30. Can we compare Fun4Two with another swingers club?
No, not at all, the entrance, the club, the entourage, the restaurant, the wellness area, the music, the atmosphere, the people, the staff, no club can be compared to Fun4Two.

31. Our question is not listed here, what now?
If you have read all the questions and also the rest of our website, but you can't figure it out, send us a message and we will answer it as soon as possible. You can email your question to:

32. We are coming with a camper, can we park it in your parking lot and stay overnight?
Because the parking lot is regularly full, parking large campers will no longer be possible from January 1, 2024.
We request that you park the camper opposite the club in the carpool. There is enough space in the carpool and it is also safe there. You can also spend the night here. It is also possible to park at the back of the camper at the exit, on the side path. There is also a camper place in Gouda, Klein Amerika. However, costs are due for this.

33. We have lost our "membership pass" what now?
No problem, we can look up your details in our system. Keep in mind that you have to wait longer at the entrance. All our members have the famous Fun4Two membership on their first visit card received. We advise you to save this card with number directly on your phone.  Simply take a picture of it! Always easy - Always at hand.

Fun4Two Taxiservice!

fun4two taxi-serviceFun4Two Taxiservice.

If you spend the night in one of the hotels near the Fun4Two, our doorman can order a taxi for you if you want to return to your hotel at night.
Please allow 15 minutes between ordering and the arrival of the taxi.

For Taxi Service from and to the Fun4Two. Call MO (06) 33809662.
Edwin or Sonny (Fun4Two)

Special Limo service from Amsterdam, Schiphol and Hoofdorp  to Fun4two and back to the hotel Price € 250, - One way ticket only to Fun4Two € 125, - with a new Mercedes S-Class. Call: +31653241884 edwinmoolhuyzen@gmail .com  for info and booking.

NB!!! Do not order a taxi in Amsterdam. This sometimes saves more than 50 to 75 euros! You pay much more than with our taxi driver, because they calculate the taxi fare via the taxi meter!

How do I use the Shuttle Service from the Van der Valk hotel to Fun4Two?
Reservations for the Shuttle Bus are not necessary!
The Shuttle bus is ready in front of the Van der Valk hotel. Get on the Shuttle Bus, pay €20 to the driver, (total price there and back) receive a coin, done!  PLEASE NOTE: The Shuttle Bus can only be used on the way back if you were also on the way there and have a coin.

The Shuttle bus runs back and forth to Fun4Two between 8:45 PM and 9:45 PM  .
Return Van der Valk between 02:15 and 03:15  on Friday. On Saturday between  03:15 and 04:15
This only applies to Friday and Saturday .

After 10:00 PM the taxi price applies, which is a lot more expensive. Return €25/return €25

For Sundays, please call Mo in advance, (06) 33809662 for the Shuttle service.
Get on the Shuttle Bus, pay €20 to the driver, (total price there and back) receive a coin, done! The Shuttle bus runs back and forth to Fun4Two on Sundays between  3:45 PM and 4:45 PM.  Return van der Valk from  10:15 PM - 11:15 PM. 

*** During the holidays there is a surcharge of €10 for the shuttle service.

fun4two vacatures

Jobs at Fun4Two!


We make every effort to give our guests a special experience. We know our guests and how we can meet their expectations. We also like to go the extra mile to exceed the expectations of our guests.

We are not only committed to our guests but also to each other. Several people put behind the scenes in every day to support colleagues in the workplace.

Will you accept the challenge to give our guests a great night? 
See our jobs.

We currently have no vacancies free.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest developments!

Fun4Two Links!




Link exchange.
Always place a link back to our site! You must place the following HTML code to your website: <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" width="468" height="90" alt="Swingers Club Fun4Two"/></a>Send us an email containing your banner + website url, while the website url to the page where our banner state. After verification, we will place your banner within a few days on this page. You always get a message when your banner is placed!


• Tickets must be printed out and brought with you for access to the location
• Tickets on your phone are also allowed. Download your ticket before you visit the club. This prevents us from having to wait longer at the entrance.
• Screenshot of a ticket is not valid.

• Due to the enormous crowds, we request that you keep your tickets and membership card/number ready upon arrival.
• New members are requested to have their ticket, reservation/registration number and proof of identity ready upon arrival.

For further questions about your ticket, payments or your order, you can contact us via e-mail

Cancellation rules!

Can I cancel my ticket? Our plans have changed.

• Cancellation of tickets is not possible! It is possible to sell your ticket to another fan.
  This is possible via  Ticketswap  and  SDC,  where you can offer your ticket for sale.
  Fun4Two also gives you the option to move the ticket to the next date of the same party.

*** We will not refund any price difference!

PLEASE NOTE: Moving a ticket is only possible once!
(This must be reported to us no later than 12:00 on the day of the party in question)
After that, nothing will be processed and you will unfortunately lose your money!